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Add Professional, Personalized And Attention-Grabbing Pop-Ups Into Your Wordpress Blogs With Just A Few Clicks…And Watch Your Income Skyrocket!

It’s Time To Convert Visitors Into Subscribers!

From: Brian Collins

Subject: Point. Click. Pop Up.

Dear Friend,

Most of the BIG players in the Internet Marketing arena use pop-ups.

The reason for this is very simple: they’re extremely effective for marketing purposes.

If you want to convert visitors into subscribers that will buy anything from you then you should harness the power of pop-ups.

But unfortunately there’s a slight problem.

Most of the pop-up plug-ins you can find all over the Internet are either too complicated to use or they cost a lot of money.

And let’s not even mention that some of them don’t even work properly because the seller has outsourced the plug-in to a cheap worker overseas.

You’re About To Get Access To A WP Plug-in That Allows You To Turn Your Visitors Into Loyal Subscribers!

Now, before going into the details of this revolutionary plug-in, I’d like to briefly explain to you how I developed it.

You see, in the past I’ve tried many pop-up plug-ins but I wasn’t really impressed by them.

As I said before, some of them were expensive and I even recall that a few of them didn’t even work well – they caused troubles in my blogs.

This situation made me consider the idea of paying a good programmer to develop a powerful and effective WP Pop-up plug-in for my marketing purposes.

I really wanted to build a profitable list and I knew the main tool I needed was a plug-in that worked well.

I went ahead and hired a skilled programmer with years of experience and paid him thousands of dollars.

It took months to be ready, but trust me, once I saw the results my jaw dropped.

It was all I needed, really.

This WP Plug-in Was MUCH MORE Than I Expected – It Was SO Powerful That I Couldn’t Believe It!

I immediately used it in my blogs and I started to see results almost immediately…

I was getting MORE subscribers and ultimately more sales.

It was almost like a marketer’s dream come true.

Now, I know that perhaps most people who want to get more subscribers feel perhaps a bit frustrated….

After all, you can find a lot of junk plug-ins out there.

But today I’d like to share (for a very limited time) this plug-in with you.

Let me introduce you…

WP Pop Up

Convert Visitors Into Subscribers.

WP PopUp Plugin

Demo 1 (Standard)| Demo 2 (Text with 2 Buttons)

Demo 3 (Image with Link) | Demo 4 (HTML Code)

WP Pop Up is a very useful Wordpress plug-in that will allow you to quickly and easily create personalized pop-up windows in your Wordpress blogs. It’s really simple–you just install the plug-in, select the type of pop-up that you want and there you go!

These are the features and benefits of “WP Pop Up”….

Customize the pop-up window the way YOU want – You have several amazing options to choose from and that will allow you to create perfect pop-up windows that will beautifully blend into your Wordpress site!

You can choose round borders, the size, the background color, add images of your choice, change position and much, much more!

Possibility of adding Youtube videos – Just with a few clicks you can add Youtube videos to the pop-up. This is proven to increase your

conversions…allowing you to turn most of your visitors into loyal subscribers.

Add an effective and powerful countdown timer – Scarcity is one of the most effective marketing techniques and it’s proven to work over and over again. Now with “WP Pop Up” you can use it to your advantage!

Call-to-action Button Creator –This is really simple. A Call-to-action button is the most important element in your pop-up. WP Pop up offers you the possiblity of creating several types of call-to-action buttons in different colors! You can change borders, gradients, colors, fonts, add drop shadows and change the text of your call-to-action button.

Seamless integration with your autoresponder – Just plug-in your autoresponder code and you’re ready to collect e-mails from your loyal subscribers!

And much, much more…

The Time Is Now – Click The Link Below And Get Your Hands On “WP Pop Up.”

Turn Visitors Into Suscribers!

Listen, I’m offering you the opportunity to finally take advantage of a plug-in that really works, and it’s highly customizable, so you can never run out of new ideas.

But the best part comes now…

I mean, if you think that this plug-in is going to cost you a lot.

Forget that idea because it’s not true.

For a very limited time you can buy “WP Pop Up” for only $27 and you have to agree with me that this is a very affordable price that’s within your budget.

But I have to be honest with you…

There’s a catch.

The special introductory price won’t last for long, so it makes sense to seize the opportunity while you can.

CLICK HERE to gain access to “WP Pop Up” right NOW.

But Wait! There’s More…In Order To Make This Deal Even More Appealing, I’m Throwing In A Money-Back Guarantee…

I completely understand that perhaps you might want to try the plug-in first before deciding whether it’s for you or not.

Certainly it sucks to buy something and then realize it wasn’t what you expected.

BUT – this won’t be the case.

I’m SO sure you’re going to be completely thrilled and excited with “WP Pop Up” that I will let you try it for 30 days.

If during these 30 days you decide that my plug-in is not for you, just kindly let me know and I’ll refund your money.

Honestly, you have nothing to lose.


Finally you can turn those visitors into subscribers and make money from this.

“WP Pop Up” will make your life easier. Once you discover that it’s really that effective, you will never launch another Wordpress site without it.

That’s for sure.

Grab your copy by clicking HERE.

Thanks for your interest in “WP Pop Up.”

See you on the inside,

Brian Collins